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Our mission is to offer travelers extraordinary adventures celebrating the mighty trout and its Catskills streams and forests. We invite you to join us and fall in love  with this magical place, and help us love it to life.

Capturing the cultural and natural history of the Catskills as the birthplace of American fly-fishing while building connections between regional hospitality businesses, conservation organizations and local media, Catskills Trout Tales is a campaign to invite visitors to come and stay in the region, exploring the area’s forests, waters, and historic communities as stewards rather than simply consumers

Like any popular outdoor destination, the Catskills must find a way to balance increased tourism with the protection of its natural resources, so visitors understand the value and vulnerability of the ecosystems they have come to experience. By partnering with both hospitality/retail businesses and nonprofit environmental/community organizations, Catskills Trout Tales seeks to educate and inspire visitors to love this special place into life rather than love it to death, and to become return visitors.

Simultaneously, projects that seek to engage small businesses and nonprofit organizations in this region must find ways to make their buy-in relevant and sustainable. Catskills Trout Tales invites participating organizations to contribute in ways that directly strengthen their own businesses as they strengthen the region. We believe that this is a powerful model that is deeply sustainable: inviting participation that challenges people not only to help with this effort but to see what unique elements that they can add that will both make it unique to the Catskills but beneficial to their mission.

The project is the brainchild of the folks at Spillian: A Place to Revel, born out of programs on trout fishing in the Catskills and a desire to imagine new ways to welcome people to our beloved mountains in the spring. An extraordinary season is emerging for April and May, with closing in on 100 organizations, events, and product and service offerings, including expo’s, feasts, story telling, hikes, guided fishing expeditions, workshops, films, spa specials, talks, music, train rides, runs, festivals, art, fishing derby’s, cool drinks, lodging specials, fabulous things to buy, raffles, contests…stuff for grown ups, stuff for kids, stuff for first-time anglers, stuff for seasoned fishers, stuff for ‘okay, I’ll go to the Catskills but I’m NOT putting on wader-ers’…

We are grateful for support from the Delaware County Economic Development Tourism Grants program; the O’Connor Foundation;  investments by our founding partner organizations; and grants management by The MARK Project. We are grateful to them all, and to you for joining us!

And a very special thanks for major support provided by Market NY through I LOVE NY/ New York State’s Division of Tourism as a part of the Regional Economic Development Council awards.