Become a Catskills Trout Tales Community Partner!

Catskills Trout Tales is a growing grassroots marketing and programming campaign to remind the world of the magic of fly fishing in the early spring in the Catskills. Our goal is to bring life into the spring tourism season here in April and May. If your organization or business has a public offering that is relevant to the Catskills Trout Tales theme of fishing and/or exploring a sense of place in the Catskills, we'd love to include you in our offerings. Please fill out the following form to be considered for inclusion. This is a FREE service - you don't have to pay to play. We will include all accepted offerings in our marketing and outreach, including mentions on this website, on our social media pages, and more. We will make tools available to you to help link your offering back into Catskills Trout Tales, and ask that you help spread the word. More details on how that works once you're on board. We'd love to have you. Together we can build an amazing spring in the Catskills!
  • Information on Your Offering

  • Please share which industry you're representing. Check as many as are relevant.
  • Please share the type of offering you would like to have included in the Catskills Trout Tales campaign. Choose as many as are relevant, and please remember that they need to fit in the theme of the campaign.
  • In 200 words or less, please share a description of what you're offering for us to include in our marketing and press. This is your chance to sparkle!
  • Your Contact Information

  • We will not share this email address publicly; this is to ensure we can contact you as needed.
  • Link to your organization's home web page.
  • Please share your business or organization Facebook page (not your personal page) address so we can ensure we can link to you from Facebook.
  • The address where visitors can find you so we can use Google maps to share location. If you're proposing an event, please use the address where the event will be held.

  • Share Your Images

  • Please upload your logo in jpg, png, or pdf at print resolution (300 dpi) if possible.
  • Please upload an image that best reflects your offering in jpg, png, or pdf at print resolution (300 dpi) if possible.
  • If You're Proposing an Event

    We need a few more pieces of information from you if you are proposing an event. Please note: while we will accept additions to the Catskills Trout Tales calendar until March, if you want your event to be considered for inclusion in our print materials all information is due by MARCH 10, 2018 at the latest. If you have questions, please contact us. We can help with ideas and resources.
  • Please include a link to the direct information or registration page on your website. The Catskills Trout Tales Calendar will send guests directly to your site so they can make reservations with you.
  • A Few Last Bits

    Thanks so much for your interest in joining Catskills Trout Tales! We look forward to seeing your submission.
    Please note that while our goal is to be as inclusive as possible, Catskills Trout Tales will agree to inclusion of offerings based on their fit with the overall campaign.
    Submission of this form implies consent for Catskills Trout Tales to disseminate information included here in any media in the campaign, and your to work with the campaign to the best of your ability to help amplify our message of the Catskills being the place to be in the spring. This includes social media crossposting, use of Catskills Trout Tales co-branding materials as appropriate, and generally having the spirit of the Three for all and all for one! Together, we can make this a truly extraordinary spring.

    We will be in contact with you as soon as we can to confirm your inclusion in the campaign. We will share more details about how you can help spread the word at that time.
  • Thank you!