Catskills Trout Tales Partner Report

Thank you for being a Catskills Trout Tales partner! As you know, a large part of the funding for this effort was through funding from Market NY, and they are asking us to report on how effective the project was. We would very much appreciate your help to let us know your involvement and the impacts it had on your efforts this spring. We have just a few questions for you to help us assess what worked and what can be improved upon. Thank you!
  • Please share the name(s) of the special event(s) or offering(s) that you produced that were a part of the Catskills Trout Tales, along with a brief description.
  • Please share the dates your events or offerings were running. (Specific dates or ongoing.)
  • Which of the Catskills Trout Tales marketing tools did you use?
  • Please share which Catskills Trout Tales marketing tools seemed to work best for you and why.
  • Please let us know you received any additional press because of Catskills Trout Tales.
  • Did you do additional marketing/outreach beyond Catskills Trout Tales' efforts for your event/offering? Please share a brief description of what you did as well, and if/how it intersected with CTT marketing.
  • Do you feel that the events/offerings were successful? What kind of attendance did you get, and what were you anticipating? Please share any insights you have on what worked, what didn't, and why.
  • Please share thoughts about how we as a community could strengthen a regional tourism campaign in the future, insights about whether you felt this was a valuable project or not, if it seems to have impacts on your organization/business beyond the season, etc.
  • Thanks so much for your participation in Catskills Trout Tales, and for taking the time to share some of your insights about how it worked this year. Some quick insights from our end: Catskills Trout Tales offered about 50 events from about 50 organizations; posted over 450 posts on Facebook, averaged about 35,000 views per week on the Facebook page, with about 3500 followers; built an audience of over 850 followers on Instagram, shared 4000 print pieces of marketing materials, had over 18,000 views on the website, and more. We are excited about this community-based model of building tourism in the Catskills, and are looking forward to helping Catskills Trout Tales find a good organizational home so it can continue into the future. Thanks so much for being a part of it, and for helping to love the Catskills to life!