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Introducing the Catskills Trout Tales Passport

We’ve created a coolo passport to your adventures in the Catskills this spring.

It’s not a traditional passport, produced for unimpressed border guards to gain entry to wondrous places. Instead, it’s an invitation to cross your own boundaries into the wondrous tales of Catskills Trout Tales.

What are the stories that you’re finding…creating…stumbling upon…breaking from…loving? Where are the tales that you’re creating in this place, this wandering, and in yourself?

The Catskills Trout Tales Passport will be an opportunity to capture some of YOUR stories, ideas, images, memories. A collection of words and evocative drawings by the Catskills’ own artist/philosopher/farmer Steve Burnett, and lots of space on the page for you to capture what makes you dream when you come to explore.

You’re invited to share what bubbles up for you, whether it’s a tale, a poem, a fabulous factoid, or even a caption for one of Steve’s cartoons…just upload your musings in the form below, and watch for them on the Stories page, and on social media.

We’ll have the Passports available at various locations in the Catskills and in NYC, and at our events. Or download your own copy here to print and bring with you.

Catskills Trout Tales. The season of stories. The season of the fish.

Share Your Genius!

Share your thoughts about what you’ve discovered in your adventures in the Catskills and get published on the Catskills Trout Tales website and social media! Check the Stories page for your publication as the season progresses…

  • Please share your discoveries, your stories, or your poetic musing about your experience with Catskills Trout Tales. Have an idea for a caption for one of the drawings? Share that, too, and tell us which image you're inspired by.
  • If you have a photograph or a drawing you'd like to share, please upload it here!
  • With this submission, I agree to have my tale and my name shared by Catskills Trout Tales on the website and social media platforms for the purposes of marketing and community building. I retain copyright for any and all submissions, and Catskills Trout Tales will not use my work in any commercial context beyond the purposes outlined above. I understand that my email address will not be made public, but grant permission for Catskills Trout Tales to email me about the campaign.