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We all know about enclosures, to keep people and creatures in where we want them. What happens when we create an ‘exclosure?’ The Catskill Forest Association has been thinking about what happens when deer are kept out of a forest area. The Catskills are home to an enormous deer population, and while lovely, they can really eat their way through the understory, challenging healthy forest ecosystems and streams.

Join the Catskill Forest Association at CFA’S Deer Exclosure Site to see what has grown in the forest after deer were excluded via an 8 foot fence three years ago. We installed the fence in the summer of 2015 with help from the New York Forest Owners Association (NYFOA). Since then a plethora of vegetation has grown. Let’s take a look together and continue the conversation on deer impacts within our forest.

Saturday, May 26
10 AM to 12 PM
CFA Forest Exclosure 

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More About the Catskill Forest Association

Protecting and Preserving Forests in the Catskills since 1982

The Catskill Forest Association was incorporated in Arkville, New York, on November 17, 1982. The Association was formed for the purpose of promoting knowledge and understanding of forest ecology and economics; to promote long-term forest management; to educate the public and enhance the economy of the Catskill region; to demonstrate economically feasible and environmentally sound forest practices: to serve as a source of information about forest management; to serve private landowner rights; and to identify and manage private forest lands dedicated to the demonstration and practices of high standards of forestry. The Association receives the majority of its operating funds through private grants, workshops, membership dues and contributions.

Covering a six-county region in Central New York State, the Catskill Forest Association works to protect the health and well being of the forests in our region, which benefits the trees, of course, but all of the flora, fauna, and families living and vacationing here, too.