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Celebrate May Day and the arrival of spring by embracing the land around us at Seeing Nature’s Mind – Regenerating Place. One of the key tenets of Catskills Trout Tales is how to better embrace our interrelationships with the natural world, and learn how we can not only enjoy nature, but see ourselves as partners and stewards, rather than simply consumers.

These back-to-back workshops are designed to go deep into a sense of place – learning to see and understand the nature of the Catskills mountains, of stream and forest – and how this new awareness can change how we both interact with the natural world and use it as our source for designing human spaces within it.

Seeing Nature’s Mind – Regenerating Place workshops will be useful for designers, artists, and practitioners of all sorts, as well as anyone interested in awareness and seeing the world in a different way. They are open to all levels of abilities..

Spillian: A Place to Revel is a portal for imagining…a retreat for creativity and exploration, grounded deeply both in a sense of place and of play, in history and possibility on an extraordinary historic Catskills mountain estate.

On the Workshops

Seeing with Nature’s Mind: Problem Evolving for a Living World
7 PM Friday, April 27 at 7 PM to 11 AM Monday, April 30

“Most of our problems are caused by thinking differently than Nature works.”
–Gregory Bateson

Patterns are the language of life, our original mother tongue. By triangulating the perspectives of traditional tracking (pattern reading), living systems thinking (pattern thinking) and regenerative design (pattern design), we can relearn to see with Nature’s mind and act as essential members of this living world with essential roles She is literally dying for us to play. Because all living systems follow the same patterns, learning to read them reveals where and how we can contribute to growing their health. We need to learn how to be open observers, clearing the mirror of our minds to see behind the surface to the workings of the life of systems and how to find our place as active participants within them.

Regenerating Place: Whole-Systems Design and Planning
1 PM Monday, April 30 to 5 PM Wednesday, May 2

Learn how to engage regenerative design and development in the places we shape, using Spillian as a living lab. In this workshop, we will dive into the master plan for the 33 acre estate, learning how we can understand its unique identity as we imagine the future of its vision, its historic buildings, its landscape, and its stakeholders as a place of regeneration. Working in this way awakens a deep and caring sense of place that transforms how we see humans as partners in the ongoing evolution of living systems. Together we can improve the quality of life for all species as we co-create a vision for our built and natural landscapes and our communities by embracing the health of the whole, not just the pieces.

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