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At the “Who’s Doing What in Invasive Species Management in the Catskills” Conference we will share information from organizations and individuals that are working on invasive species in the CRISP region doing any of the following:
• Prevention
• Education and outreach
• Trainings on Identification
• Early detection
• Invasive species surveys and mapping
• Reporting in iMapInvasives, EDDMaps, or other database
• Rapid response
• Control
• Trainings on Best Management Practices
• Restoration
• Citizen science
• Research
• Funding that could help support any of the above
This will be the first in the series of “Who’s Doing What in Invasive Species Management.” Through these meetings we’ll be collecting info from organizations working on Invasive Species management throughout the CRISP region and putting together a Regional Invasive Species Management Plan that identifies redundancies and gaps and any efficiencies we can achieve by better coordination.