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Imagine past what you think is possible.

On a thirty plus acre 19th Century mountain estate built by the Fleischmanns Yeast family as a summer retreat, Spillian offers programs, workshops, special events, and private gatherings and celebrations to guests from around the world. With an extraordinary group of chefs offering custom farm-to-table meals, world-class presenters, and a place rooted in the creative history of the Catskills, Spillian invites guests to dive into what we most passionately wish for.

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At Spillian, we believe that imagination is the force that can open any 
possibility. We birthed this idea of a community collective to celebrate spring and trout and Catskills forests in service to that sense of possibility. Catskills Trout Tales is a way for this region to invite guests to come and visit us – but more importantly, to come and begin a love affair with these extraordinary mountains, the wild lands and life that flourish here, and the people who make it so special. We hope that you will join us in discovering the magic of spring in the mountains. #loveittolife

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