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Fishing is fun on at Susan’s Pleasant Pheasant Farm! We are located in the historic hamlet of Halcottsville. Our property has many water features including a waterfall, shorelines on Lake Wawaka, The East Branch of the Delaware River, and the Bragg Hollow Brook. We rent kayaks, canoes, bicycles, stand up paddle boards, row boats. We have miles of hiking trails, picnic areas, and a swimming hole. Our kayak shop is adjacent to our inn. Come and explore nature in the Catskills with us.

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We are excited to be a part of Catskills Trout Tails Celebration which will be helping to preserve the clean waters in this region. Clean water plays such a large part in the development of life. We are hoping that the good conservation practices and highlighting an environmental understanding of this project will enhance the fishing opportunities in these mountains for the Trout and the water quality for the citizenry of our local communities and downstate too.

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