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Upstate Adventure Guides, founded by best friends and avid outdoorsmen, Alex Marra and Will Soter, was created to share their passion and knowledge for the outdoors with those looking to find adventure in nature. Upstate Adventure Guides offers a variety of programs from nature walks to multi-day off trail backpacking trips, as well as custom tailored adventures. Often calling on a vast network of friends, and colleagues to create custom adventures to create the best match for the occasion. We also work with many other local businesses, offering equipment, lodging, or dining options to our guest, that extend the discoveries, and connection beyond the trail.

 At the heart of what we do is a passion to help curious new explorers understand what their role is in these natural settings. Offering a host of educational programs that help our guests understand how to safely, and responsibly enjoy these resources. Providing them not just the experiences, but the understanding of why, and how to enjoy, and care for these treasures. We realize that offering these tools to our guests gives them not just the ability to continue to develop their very own passion, and style of adventure, but the desire to protect, and defend the very elements that make their adventures possible.  

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Upstate Adventure Guides is proud, and very excited to continue our involvement with Catskills Trout Tales. At the core of what we do is a passion to form a meaningful connection with people, and the natural wonders around them. Catskills Trout Tales, which celebrates, and honors the rich traditions surrounding American fly fishing (which was born right here in the Catskills), also creates opportunities for those of all ages to discover the wonders of playing in the streams, lakes, and rivers of the Catskills. Much like the passion that grows in anyone who spends time among the natural wonders of the Catskill region, Catskills Trout Tales has grown, and rippled out through the communities that dot these valleys. Each year opening new opportunities for those who seek to enjoy the splendid wonders of the Catskills, to make a new discovery. Trout Tales doesn’t just connect anglers with other anglers, it connects people with a sense of what these amazing little fish, as well as the streams, rivers,lakes, and towns between, mean to this region.  Allowing people to develop, and grow their love for the natural beauty of the Catskills, and all that it holds within.

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